EDST 403: Knowledge, Education & Curriculum (Summer 2017 & Winter 2018), The University of British Columbia (UBC).

Course description:

Ideas about curriculum and pedagogy cannot be disconnected from ideas about knowledge and truth. After all, who would argue that teachers should teach their students’ false ideas rather than true ones, and things they merely believe or guess rather than things they know? But as soon as we talk about “knowledge” and “truth,” questions arise: Can teachers teach anything that is absolutely true, or only what hasn’t been proven false yet? How do they determine what counts as “true,” and how can they help students think critically about whether what they learn is true? Moreover, since no school can teach everything there is to know in the world, choices have to be made about the knowledge that is included in and excluded from the curriculum. What knowledge has been considered of most worth, and how has this shaped curriculum decisions? How do Aboriginal conceptions of knowledge and truth differ from European conceptions, and what conceptions of knowledge and truth do people hold elsewhere in the world? How are ideas about knowledge and truth changing in the context of online search engines, informational websites and other digital media, and how are educators to respond?

VANT 148 UBC Vantage College Project (Winter 2018), The University of British Columbia (UBC).

Course description:

This course will  students with opportunities to extend and enrich what they are learning in other Vantage College courses, and to engage in multidisciplinary ways of knowing. The course consists of several group and individual activities that are meant to further students’ ability to think critically about a variety of research methods commonly used
in the Arts.

ENG 105: Critical Reading & Writing Skills (2012-2014), Justice Institute of British Columbia

International Programs, Faculty of Education (2011-2015) Simon Fraser University (SFU).

Selected Teaching Assistant positions:

EDST 401: Education, school and social institutions (Fall 2018)

SOCI 102: Inequality & Social Change (Summer 2017)

SOCI 100: Introduction to Sociology (2015 – 2016)

EDST 580: Popular Culture in the Classroom (2012)

EDUC 438: Education & Popular Culture (2011)

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